World of OZ

Italian Design

Creativity, innovation and experience underpin the OZ formula. OZ is a truly authentic example of Italian superiority in the world of wheels, making it the gold standard in race-inspired Italian design.

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The experience gained by OZ in Formula 1, in WRC and in auto racing in general, along with its more than 40-years’ experience in working with magnesium, have allowed it to reach levels of performance unanimously recognized by the top motorcycle riders on the international circuits.



All OZ wheels are designed, developed and tested in keeping with OZ’s racing DNA, the utmost expression of technology and “winning attitude”. At OZ, designing a wheel, whether for competition or street use, means attention to detail – in the materials and the design – in the pursuit of a singular aim: innovation. The unbelievable number of wins and world titles that OZ includes among its honors form the core of excellence and the most tangible proof of the quality and performance of OZ products.



OZ means a 'plus' in terms of quality.

In addition to its cutting-edge production processes, typical of the most advanced companies, many treatments and technologies are developed exclusively by OZ. Zero compromise: our commitment doesn’t stop at bringing you the safest and best-performing product on the market. We are so obsessed with testing the quality of our raw materials that most of the alloys we use in our wheels are made in-house.



Certified quality is a core aspect of the OZ business philosophy that places Quality and Customer Satisfaction at the center of every activity. The goal is the "perfect wheel", a product made to the highest manufacturing standards and tested at each stage in the production cycle, in compliance with the stringent guidelines set by independent certification bodies and with even stricter in-house quality standards that OZ sets for itself.

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