GASS SERIES / Gass RS-A Series

Gass RS-A Rear

made in italy

Straight from the SBK tracks and now available in a road version. The lightest aluminum alloy wheel for road use. It leverages all of the extreme customizations developed on the race tracks, including shaving weight off the HLT inner rim and the two-section spokes. No compromises made on this wheel. Also available with exclusive titanium finish.

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Gloss black Anodized

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Techno Black Anodized

Techno Gold Anodized

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Titanium Anodized

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  • Gloss black AnodizedGloss black Anodized
  • Techno Black AnodizedTechno Black Anodized
  • Techno Gold AnodizedTechno Gold Anodized
  • Titanium AnodizedTitanium Anodized

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    Product Details

    Model ROAD
    Design 6 spokes
    Production process Near-Net Shape Forging + Heat Treatment + Shot Peening + HLT
    Material Aluminium Alloy
    Components Bearings, bushings, spacers, valve, sprocket carrier, disc holder flange, rubber dampers
    Width range 5,50" - 6,00"
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    The OZ sprocket carrier requires a sprocket with 76mm centering diameter and 5 hole 10mm diameter on 100 PCD

    Ergal Accessories + Sprocket carrier